Be a CCS

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Certified Condominium Specialist
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Certified Condominium Specialist®
National Designation Program
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Why become a Certified Condominium Specialist®?

Increased Market Share

  • Stand out from the crowd by earning the national Certified Condominium Specialist® Designation.
  • Become known as a “Condo-selling Expert” for increased income and professional recognition.

Referral Program and Networking

  • First year membership FREE in the National Condo-Agent Referral Network.
  • Network and share ideas with other expert condo-selling agents.

Ongoing Education

  • Maintain an ongoing education all about condos and CIC/CID sales.
  • Stay up with the latest changes in the market in your area.
  • Assist condo buyers and sellers in better understanding condo and  community association-related transactions.

Increased Experience

  • Gain increased experience in the intricacies of the condo-selling market.

Improved Client Service

  • Provide excellent client service in selling condominiums and other forms of common interest developments.
  • Help put order, harmony and know-how into the sales of HOA-related properties.
  • Help promote diversity and homeownership across the United States.