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Certified Condominium Specialist
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Certified Condominium Specialist®
National Designation Program
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Why Become a Certified Condominium Specialist®?


As a recognized Certified Condominium Specialist® Designee, diligently putting the condo designation to work for you in your condo marketplace, you will:

Increase Your Market Share and Income


Stand out from the crowd by earning the national Certified Condominium Specialist® Designation

Become known as a “Condo-selling Expert” for increased income and professional recognition

Referral Program and Networking

Network with other enthusiastic CCS Designees and become a member of the National Condo Agent Referral Network(TM) to help increase your income and visibility

Enjoy networking and sharing condo-selling ideas and techniques with other expert condo-selling agents.

Ongoing Education

Participate in ongoing education courses to increase your condo and CIC/CID sales by learning all about condos and community association living

Assist Condo Buyers and Seller in better understanding condo and CIC/CID transactions.

Stay up with the latest changes in the condo market in your area and the national condo market.

Increased Experience

Gain increased experience in the intricacies of the condo-selling market as the condo market changes.

Improve Your Client Service Capability

Provide better quality client service in selling condominiums and other forms of common interest developments by advertising yourself and your listings both locally and nationally.

Help put order, harmony, intelligence and know-how into the sales of HOA-related properties.

Help promote diversity and home-ownership across the United States.

Share your knowledge all about condos with your clients and your community.

Help you clients understand and obtain condo and other CID/CIC financing that can often be a challenge with HOA-related properties

Ensure your condo-clients have an exceptional and informed experience with their condo purchase, sale or lease so you become their real estate agent of choice for all their future transactions

Stand out from the rest, become a CCS™!