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Certified Condominium Specialist® Course: A Professional Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Successfully Listing and Selling Condos and Other Forms of HOA-related Properties.

Welcome to the Certified Condominium Specialist® Official Website! 

We are the home for condo agents!  Our sole purpose is to provide real estate agents and brokers as HOA-related property service providers to gain more expertise to better serve their clients and customers when listing, selling and leasing condos and other forms of HOA-related properties in community living environments.






The Certified Condominium Specialist® Program offers Realtors® in all 50 states of the United States the national trademarked designation to show they have completed the superior training and experience requirements to provide excellent client services in selling condominiums and other forms of common interest developments/communities so they may distinguish themselves in the real estate field.

By earning the national residential Certified Condominium Specialist®

Designation at Condo University® and completing this program, the agent will be able to better capitalize on the fast-paced, lucrative field of condominium and common interest developments/communities (CID/CIC) sales!  






This trademarked National Designation will increase the condo agent's professionalism as well as their income and raise the agent's marketing profile in their community.  The agent will learn the real estate sales and legal aspects of condominium and common interest development/community sales to more successfully list and sell condos and other HOA-related property sales as a Certified Condominium Specialist®. 

Join us at Condo University®

Take your first step to being a Condo-Selling Expert with the Certified Condominum Specialist® Course! Increase your professionalism and profit! Obtain your national designation now!

  • Obtain listing and selling strategies resulting in quicker sales and a consistent income
  • Learn the red flags to watch out for as a condo-selling agent
  • Study the various forms a CID/CIC can take
  • Find out how the CID/CIC structure and operation can affect sales and ownership
  • Educate yourself on the intricacies of CID/CIC ownership and their affect on your business
  • Review statutory and case law that affects Condo/CID/CIC ownership & disclosure law
  • Gain insight into how certain financial problems influence CIDs and CID/CIC sales
  • Practice the condo-selling process from taking the listing to closing the escrow
  • Learn to increase your image and your sales by target marketing for optimum results
  • Discover the keys to being the agent who wins the listing or sale!

Contact us today to request more information regarding a live class in your area or to request the Certified Condominium Specialist® National Homestudy Designation Course today while CondoUniversityOnline™

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(Note: Experienced agents may already have some of the requirements necessary towards obtaining this national designation and our family of trademarked designations!  Call us today to find out how to get started in your market!)