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Certified Condominium Specialist®
National Designation Program
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Millions of homeowners live in condominiums across the United States today, making condo sales and leasing an incredibly lucrative market for real estate agents while providing affordable and appealing housing and homeownership to clients throughout the country.

The Certified Condominium Specialist® Accreditation Designation Program exists to assist the ambitious real estate agent learn all about condos to become more professionally capable and at ease when helping buyers and sellers list, sell and purchase properties in Condominiums and other forms of HOA-related properties.  These HOA-related properties include Condominiums Developments and Communities, Planned Developments, (PD or PUD), Stock co-ops, Community Apartment Buildings and fractional interest properties, depending on which State a Realtor® sells property in.  The real estate nomenclature and forms of legal ownership can vary and be defined differently from State to State when describing HOA-related property ownership.

Today's Condo market demands the Realtor® be an "Expert" in the technicalities and intricacies of listing, leasing and selling these types of properties for the clients and customers he or she represents.  In the process of completing this national educational program, the Realtor® will better understand those intricacies and, as a result, gain the ability to market themselves more effectively, and bring superior real estate service to their clients, customers and their community as a Certified Condominium Specialist®.

Our main course focus is the Condominium.  However, we are here to help you get trained in the anatomy of Condominiums and also other types of Homeowner Association-related ownership and sales, and to assist you to expand your communication and administrative skills to better serve your clients and customers.

The word "specialist" is defined as "expert."  By becoming a Certified Condominium Specialist® and specializing in condominium and other HOA-related property sales, the Designated Realtor® will stand out from the crowd providing superior real estate service and knowledge to the public.

The Realtor® will be able to list condominiums with confidence, complete more sales, and process transactions more quickly and to demonstrate a higher level of knowledge, skill, diplomacy, and professionalism in arranging smooth, well-managed Condominium sales, leases, rentals, and closings.

And as a Certified Condominium Specialist®, the Designee will be able to use any one of our national Designations from the Council of Condominium Specialists® Family of Designations in their particular market, based on their own State's real estate nomenclature, in their marketing plan that best suits their marketplace.

Course Goal: The Realtor's financial freedom, personal enjoyment, quality service and professional success derived from an enhanced knowledge about this "niche market", and a professional understanding and execution of Condo and HOA-related property sales as a Condo-Selling Specialist!