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Certified Condominium Specialist®
National Designation Program
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The Certified Condominium Specialist


 designation (CCS

) is one of a family of trademarked national designations owned and granted use by the Council of Condominium Specialists® to REALTORS® for their professional use in their marketing, promotion, acquisition, divestment, and listing and selling activities of common interest developments/communities.

Prior to being granted permission to use the family of designations in their realty business, a REALTOR® must have completed the specific advanced educational program and experience requirements listed below:

To qualify for and maintain the Certified Condominium Specialist


designation, the REALTOR®must meet and maintain the following four requirements: (1) Membership, (2) Education, (3) Experience and (4) Good Standing in the Council of Condominium Specialists® as follows:



  • Membership: You must be a REALTOR® -- i.e., you must be a member of the National Association of REALTORS®, your state Association of REALTORS®, and your local Association of REALTORS®.
  • Education: You must have successfully completed the qualifying course - an intensive seven (7) hour course of study provided by the Council of Condominium Specialists® - giving you in-depth knowledge of the legal aspects of CID ownership as well as practical and effective tips and applications on marketing and selling condos and other forms of CIDs, and properly handling escrows in relation to CIDs.
  • Experience: You must certify to have closed at least five (5) sales in CIDs. You may have represented either the buyer or the seller, or both. Partnership or co-listing or co-selling with another agent entitles you to that percentage of the work you did on the transaction. Representing both the buyer and the seller in the same transaction counts as two (2) sales.
  • Good Standing in the Council of Condominium Specialists®Certified Condominium Specialist® must maintain membership in good standing with the Council of Condominium Specialists®.

This designation can also be used in the alternative by non-real estate agent HOA service providers when the HOA service provider is engaging is common interest development or community service functions, services and positions and includes HOA managers and other service providers.

Disclosure: This Designation is the sole property of the Council of Condominium Specialists® and may be used only with the express permission of the Council of Condominium Specialists® in accordance with their guidelines. Once earned, designees may select appropriate designations appropriate to their market and marketing plan from the family of designations owned and authorized by the Council of Condominium Specialists®. Designation usage ceases upon termination of membership in the Council of Condominium Specialists®.